AltTab Capital appoints Nick Tsui as crypto trader and options specialist

09 August 2023

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Nick Tsui is joining AltTab Capital after working as an independent trader since 2018, with impressive results in trading crypto small caps and traditional assets. Nick has a deep knowledge of global financial markets. Focusing on the cryptocurrency sector, his new role at AltTab Capital will involve applying trading strategies for the firm’s portfolios during Taipei Standard Time and utilizing his analytical skills to predict and respond effectively to market behaviors while supporting the portfolio management team through market analysis.

Nick will work alongside his colleagues Dr. Raymond Ng, Greg Moritz, Michael Silberberg, and Michiel Janssen to enhance AltTab Capital’s portfolio.

Before joining AltTab Capital, Nick held the position of Equipment Engineer at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) between 2013 to 2018.

During this role, Nick was in charge of the maintenance and operation of semiconductor machinery, strengthening his critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Nick’s duties involved collaborating with vendors and colleagues to install semiconductor machinery in TSMC’s semiconductor factories successfully. This enabled him to refine his strong project management and cross-functional collaboration skills while deepening his understanding of semiconductor technology. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the National Central University of Taiwan.

Dr. Raymond Ng, Co-Founder, and Chief Investment Officer at AltTab Capital, commented, “Nick is a highly diligent crypto trader with excellent skills in mathematics, trading strategies, and finance, along with developed analytical and logical reasoning abilities. We are delighted that he is joining our team, and we’re confident he will help us to generate significant returns for our investors.”

Nick Tsui, Crypto Trader at AltTab Capital, commented, “AltTab Capital is an exciting hedge fund company at the forefront of a new emerging industry globally becoming recognized as the future of finance. I look forward to taking on this new challenge and a big step in my career.”

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